Apple’s WWDC – June 7th, 6pm: The new iPhone HD etc… [UPDATED]

EDIT: iPhone 4 details here

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Awesome.OK so it’s that time of year!

Steve jobs takes to the stage at 6pm UK time to reveal Apple’s latest gear.

The world will be watching. (How else would their “competitors” know what to copy!?)

Word on the street:

New iPhone HD

New OS 4. (For older models too) Includes multitasking, folders, iBookstore etc…
DOUBLE resolution screen of current iPhone.
HD video recording and playback
Front facing camera for video chat. (Almost definitely WiFi only)
5MP camera with flash. That’s with a VERY small “f”… 😉
iPad-esque processor
Improved battery life
iPhone tethering in the US at last.

Safari 5.0

Greater HTML5 support including Geolocation and full screen HTML5 video.
25% speed increase.
Bing search option
Greatly improved RSS Reader.
DNS Prefetching
etc etc

Being a DEVELOPERS conference they will have some great stuff for Devs to work with.

Mobile Me

Not sure exactly what they have up their sleeve – it’a a bit cloudy (boom boom) but something is happening here…

Apple TV

They have been far too quiet on this one so that means something is coming…! Probably an iPad/iPhone kinda TV boxy thingy that is linked to the cloud to deliver content n stuff.


NEW Mac mini, Mac Pro, cinema displays…?


Probably heavy on the HTML5 and open standards and encouraging Devs to jump on board. Demos and forecasts from big industry names showing off their HTML5/non-Flash websites. Most likely no Mac OS 10.7 until next year.

Of course we will also hear about the ever-increasing sales Apple is having across the board and the fact they they just can’t build iPads fast enough.

If you are a Windows or Android user and want to know what you will be using in 2 years or so, watch Steve deliver it to Apple users 6pm June 7th. 🙂

Thread to be updated tomorrow evening after I have digested it all… 🙂

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