Consumer Reports: Apple laptops best in all categories…

Apple, stung by early criticism of the iPhone 4 by Consumer Reports [yeah stung so badly, sales have flopped…] was handed an unexpected triumph today [unexpected by who!?? This result was a given!] as the publication’s latest ratings of laptops place Mac laptops in first place overall in every size category Apple offers, including top marks for the just-released revamped MacBook Air 11- and 13-inch models. The 11-inch Air in particular scored significantly higher than its closest rival, the Toshiba Satellite T115D-S1120.

The 11-inch Air was praised for its ergonomics and display quality, as well as weight and battery life. Consumer Reports rated the Air’s battery at 6.25 hours running “productivity applications.” The overall ranking for the model was 67 out of 100, versus the Toshiba’s 51 rating.

The 13-inch MacBook Air also won its size category with a rating of 78, beating Apple’s other 13-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro configurations which won ratings of 69, 72 and 73 respectively. Battery ratings for the current models all ranked at around 7.5 hours.

In the 15- and 16-inch category, the MacBook Pro configurations took the top two places with a rating of 78 and a battery ranking of eight to 8.5 hours depending on model. Performance on almost all the current model Mac laptops was rated as “excellent.”

The MacBook Pro 17″ took the prize for best laptop in the 17-18 inch category, boasting a 9.25-hour battery life more than double that of its nearest competitor and a unique pair of “excellent” ratings for both performance and display across all machines ranked.

The report is published on the Consumer Reports web site.

Source: Electronista

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