Support – when uptime is critical

To suit both home and business users


On-Site Support

An Apple Certified Blackturtleneck engineer will visit you offering hands-on Support to resolve your issues.

Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch – we have you covered.

Remote Support

Our remote Support option offers secure screen-sharing, allowing observation and remote control of your Mac by an Apple Certified Blackturtleneck engineer.

This convenient and cost-effective Support service can be used for trouble-shooting, maintenance, observation and guidance to resolve many issues.

Note: This service is not yet available for iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone.

Please Click Here for three easy steps on how to enable your Mac for Blackturtleneck Remote Support.



Blackturtleneck offers a repair service in association with iDoctor4U

Professional “while you wait” Apple repairs in Guildford, Surrey.

iPhone iPad iPod Mac REPAIRS

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