Apple reaps 75% of entire mobile handset industry profit, with only 8.7% market share….

Source: …and people write serious articles about Android being some kind of “threat” to Apple or “dominating” just because of higher unit sales? Most peculiar. The real picture is clear.

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EU opens antitrust investigation into Samsung over patents…

The European Commission has opened a formal investigation to assess whether Samsung Electronics has abusively, and in contravention of a commitment it gave to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), used certain of its standard essential patent rights to distort competition in European mobile device markets, in breach of EU antitrust rules. The opening of proceedings means that the Commission …

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Massive Android Malware Campaign: 5 million users duped

Computerworld – The largest-ever Android malware campaign may have duped as many as 5 million users into downloading infected apps from Google’s Android Market, Symantec said today. Dubbed “Android.Counterclank” by Symantec, the malware was packaged in 13 different apps from three different publishers, with titles ranging from “Sexy Girls Puzzle” to “Counter Strike Ground Force.” Many of the infected apps …

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Apple: Online Education – redefined

Yesterday Apple revealed a new version of iTunes U, the incredible world-class FREE education resource. The new iOS App allows you to engage in thousands of superb content rich online courses. You have to check this out… Everything you need to know here…. Enjoy.

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Apple: e-book creation – redefined

Yesterday Apple unveiled the future of e-book creation. iBook Author. FREE. iBook Author can be used to create rich content, and empowers us to create engaging and rich content. Authors NEED this tool to compete. Everything you need to know here…

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New Apple Water. Water, but better!


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Is Anyone Listening? 2013

OK it’s that time again where I lay out a golden opportunity to make easy money by following this advice than from slaving away at your businesses and 99% of you ignore it for another year. 🙂 Following on from… Is anyone listening? 2010 where we gained 54% and Is anyone listening? 2011 where we gained up to 30% but …

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iTunes Match: Dummies Guide…

Apple recently switched on iTunes Match in Europe. What is it? 1) It allows you access to your entire music collection on your iPhone or iPad over WiFi or 3G (make sure your 3G data plan can handle it if you use 3G!) 2) It upgrades any tracks you have in your library to 256kbps if they are curently less …

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