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iPad: App of the Week – Machinarium.

A terrific stylish adventure/puzzle game that is very more-ish. Fascinating for all ages. [EDIT: Just realised the video is of the Mac version, but the iPad version is identical!]

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iApp of the week: Infinity Blade

The video speaks for itself. The iPad version looks the same but…bigger… 🙂 “Successful iPhone games must offer quick, satisfying gameplay and an addictive quality to keep you coming back. Infinity Blade masters both, with short combat segments and a satisfying loop of self-improvement and challenge. Some might find the grind uninteresting, but as a tried-and-true gamer, I loved every …

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How Nerds Play Scrabble…

Watch to the end… Not the cheapest but certainly the most insanely geeky way to play Scrabble! I will actually be doing EXACTLY this Friday evening…!

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