“Without doubt Ty [MD, Blackturtleneck Ltd] is one of the finest mobile web, smartphone and Apple professionals known to man. Work with this guy, I do.”

Thomas Power


“In Spring 2008 I put in a request for advice about buying a netbook rather than a Smart phone. Blackturtleneck answered this in a thoroughly knowledgable and professional manner which swept aside the comments of other contributors. Following this advice I bought an iPhone and two months later a MacBook. I immediately saved myself more than the difference in price between the PC I was intending to buy and the MacBook as the MacBook provided what I needed for free.

Blackturtleneck helped me immensely through the transition from PC to Mac in two ways:

Firstly via the Forum. I could log onto this and Blackturtleneck posted up lots of relevant information and advice which I could follow about looking after my MacBook and what to do with certain updates.

Secondly they provided online one-to-one remote support using the screenshare facility. This was quite amazing. Blackturtleneck would help me sort things out and go at a pace which suited me. All this was done remotely – something that I would not have thought possible based upon previous experience working in the public sector.

I have used the free advice and genius bar at my local Apple store on several occasions but have never had my concerns addressed as promptly and efficiently in the way that Blackturtleneck has. It’s been like taking a car to a garage. Do you want it serviced by the apprentices or the master mechanic? Blackturtleneck are the master mechanics of everything Apple.

I cannot recommend Blackturtleneck enough. I am an education consultant. One of my recent contracts was to co-write a digital technology resource for teachers. I would not have had the confidence, skills or experience to do this without their input over the years.”

Juliet Robertson – Creative Star Learning


“Ty Tyson – the man in charge at Blackturtleneck. What can you say? How DOES he know so much about Apple? I used to think I could find out solutions to Apple problems with Google and the Apple website but over the years I’ve discovered there’s only one place to go to if time is precious or I’m climbing up the wall in panic mode.

Seriously, I use Apple computers for my business as a graphic designer. If I have a problem, I want a solution right away. Blackturtleneck does it for me.”

John Amy – Promo Design


“Blackturtleneck is Apple. They breathe Apple. iMac, Macbook and iPhone (I use them all!) and anything in between. They are very responsive and attentive to any detail and that should tell you something about them!

Blackturtleneck is highly recommended for you and your network. Connect and follow their advice about Apple!”

Cornelis de Maijer – Zinnige Zaken (NL)


“I ‘switched’ from a PC to a Mac 5 years ago … and then switched from an HTC Windows based phone to the iPhone.

Yes – Blackturtleneck are just amazing. Day, Evenings or Weekends – they are online and available to help, coach and mentor me in ALL aspects on learning and mastering the use of my Mac as well as the iPhone, to help me benefit from the amazing things these machines can do to make our lives easier.

Blackturtleneck have taken Apple support to new levels – every Mac or iPhone user should become a client and learn from what they have to offer us all.

Thank you for ALL you do for us ‘non-techies’ – your advice and support really helps us benefit from these Apple products.”

Dr. Ketan Joshi – InnOrbit Switzerland


“How Ty Tyson, the man running Blackturtleneck, hasn’t been directly employed by Apple is almost a mystery to me! I’ve never met a man so energetic and passionate about Apple products that wasn’t paid vast sums to think that way. I don’t have a techie bone in my body but after speaking with Ty I was almost excited enough to run out and buy a Mac! Well, if it wasn’t for the fact that I already have a computer then perhaps I would have!

I met Ty for a one-to-one and he is a genuine guy with a lot to offer. He makes a valuable addition to my network and I’m thankful to be in touch.”

Dean Grimshawe – Dean Grimshawe Fitness


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